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FAQ - HouseCall Medical Doctor

1. What makes different?

HouseCall Medical Doctor is led by Dr. Cyrus Lavian, a respected physician practicing in the San Fernando Valley. With a strong track record of providing quality medical care and backed by over twenty years of experience in the field, Dr. Lavian attends to your medical needs at your home, office or hotel. Catering mainly to patients in the Greater Los Angeles Area, Dr. Lavian offers medical assistance with the aid of diagnostic tools and equipment.   

2. What type of medical experience do you have?

Our physician Dr. Cyrus Lavian is an experienced Internist who completed his internship and residency from Cook County Hospital in Chicago (Illinois). With a four year fellowship in George Washington University, Dr. Lavian has twenty years of experience as an expert diagnostician. Working with primary care, emergency room care as well as urgent care, Dr. Lavian is comfortable with patients across all age groups.

Dr. Lavian is a Diplomat American Board of Internal Medicine, and known for his dedication, meticulousness and skill. With sound clinical judgment and excellent analytical skills, Dr. Lavian is committed to providing high-quality all-round health care to all his patients. To know more about Dr. Cyrus, visit the About Us page.

3. What kind of medical problems can you handle?

Dr. Cyrus and his team are fully equipped to handle a variety of illnesses for all age groups. Apart from providing emergency medication and injection for allergic reactions and common illnesses, Dr. Cyrus performs minor surgeries, incisions and abscess draining. Dr. Cyrus also offers detailed consultations about medical and psychological factors at play and can help you with medical/legal forms for your medical condition. We are more than willing to bring diagnostic and medical equipment to you at any time. Read more about our services.  

4. What about emergencies, tests or medication that cannot be facilitated immediately?

In case of non-emergency X-rays and Ultrasound scans, we can arrange mobile services to your home or office. If a specific test is not available in a portable form, we will arrange a test for you at the nearest medical facility.

Our physician carries most commonly required medication at all times. However, in the rare case that we are not carrying the necessary medication, we will place an order at the nearest pharmacy without delay.

5. Whom do I contact for queries and problems?

After a first visit from Dr. Lavian, you will receive his personal cell phone number. You are free to call the physician for any questions or complaints you may have. The doctor will also offer follow up visits to ensure that you are recovering quickly.  

6. How can I or my personal physician access my medical records?

As our patient, you can be assured that your sensitive medical information will be stored safely in a net-based medical record system called 'Office Ally'. This network is completely secure and you or your doctor can access these records from any location and time convenient to you.

Your records can also be accessed by specialists and emergency room physicians. During critical emergencies, your emergency care physician can access this information to learn about your medical history and provide necessary care accordingly.

7. Do you accept medical insurance?

No, we do not accept insurance from any provider. However, we are more than happy to issue receipts or superbills that you may present to your insurance company for subsequent reimbursement.

Superbills are detailed itemized forms used by healthcare providers like us to list the services rendered to you. A superbill will include details of the service provider ( in this case) as well as patient information like name, DOB and insurance information. Also called the encounter form or fee slip, superbills include information about the illness and corresponding treatment administered to the patient.

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If you have a life threatening medical emergency we advise you to call 911 immediately.

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